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What if no one cared, didnít have time or left the job for someone else to doÖ

Savage Volunteer Fire Company is one of the busiest stations in Howard County, responding to some 4,000 calls for assistance each year from the citizens who live, work and play in Southern Howard County. As the area grows, so does the need for service. Savage VFC is a combination Fire Company working cooperatively with the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services who provides 6 paid staff 24 hours a day to ensure staffing for an Engine and Paramedic unit.

Savage VFC has a long standing history of service to the community, but times have changed. Volunteer firefighters used to respond to calls from work or home when called by the community fire whistle that warned of an emergency. Today, the fire service is a dynamic and changing service. The average citizen in todayís world has little spare time to volunteer. With both husband and wife working, possibly working multiple jobs to make ends meet, children who are active in activities, as well as other important community volunteer initiatives all draw potential volunteers from the fire service. This is further complicated by unprecedented increases in call volume, increased training requirements and the diversity of the service requested all of which have lead to a reduction in the number of available volunteers, the amount of time a volunteer has to contribute, etc. All while the demands for the service have increased.

Why is it important? At the Savage Fire Station we have an Fire Engine and Paramedic Unit staffed 24 hours a day by county career firefighters. But that is NOT enough. Additionally, we have a Rescue-Engine, Ladder Truck and a second Ambulance staffed by Volunteers. It takes 10-12 Volunteers to staff this additional apparatus. Is there need ? YES, It is not uncommon for all of our apparatus to be out at the same time on multiple calls. Some 500-600 times each year we must rely on mutual aid from other Howard County Stations or Prince Georgeís and Anne Arundel Counties to cover calls in our area. All of these other stations are equally busy themselves. If the county had to replace the time provided by volunteers with career staff it would add at least a million dollars annually to the budget just for Savage alone. Where does that funding come from?

How can you help? Consider volunteering. At no cost to you, we provide the equipment and training to become a firefighter or EMS provider. If you would like to help, but providing emergency response is not an option for you, you can still help. There are numerous opportunities for Volunteers who would like to provide support in administrative areas, freeing firefighters and EMS providers to concentrate on the emergency needs of the community.

If you are at least 16 years of age, and would like to learn how you can help, please call our Membership Committee Chairperson at (301) 498-5061, or stop by the fire station any evening.

Thereís lotís of things out there to do with your spare time, but NONE will be as rewarding an experience as knowing that you are helping to serve others in their time of need, possibly at the worst time in their life. Do you care? Are you ready to serve? Whatís in it for you?

Whatís in it for you?

  • Eligible for State of Maryland tuition reimbursement,
  • Eligible for a $3500.00 Maryland Income Tax Credit,
  • Pension program after 25 years of service,
  • Learn new skills,
  • FREE Training,
  • Know you are helping others in their time of need,
  • Make new and interesting friends,
  • Proudly wear the uniform of the firefighter,
  • Too many others to list here.